Meet LITA’s Presidents: Mark Beatty, 2007-2008

One way LITA is celebrating its 50th anniversary is by profiling our presidents. Mark Beatty was LITA President from 2007-2008.

Mark BeattyCurrent position: Program Planning and Marketing, LITA

Three words that best describe you: Optimistic, organized, fun

What was one of your most defining moments of your presidential year? LITACamp!

Why did you join LITA?
I was doing technology training locally and wanted to learn more from the best library technologists. LITA is the place for that.

Any advice for future LITA Leaders?
Know what you want to make happen and then find the other LITA folks who can help. Help them too because you’re all going to be friends.

What book do you recommend the most and why?
Pride and Prejudice. Because good manners, and the principles on which they are based such as respect and fairness, matter more than anything else.

What do you think is the greatest invention in your lifetime and why?
Graphic User Interface (GUI) a whole new communication language that now is not only universal but allows learning, understanding and utilization at rates not thought possible prior.

Is there a picture from your presidential year that captures the experience?
Andrew Pace in LITACamp tshirt!Andrew Pace, my co-conspirator, at LITA camp. Proving that accomplishing things requires goodly colleague networking and is really the most fun.